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Dear friend, as you go about your everyday busy lives, do you ever stop to think of what allows you to continue at this pace everyday? How about the numerous pollutants, radiation and allergens that you come into contact with that seems to have no effect at all on you?


Amidst all the hazards we are faced with everyday, it is our health which allows us to proceed on with life. Of course, the occasional flu is there to remind us to keep ourselves in tip-top shape, but how many of us do really put an emphasis in this aspect?

The statistics are alarming, based on the latest report from the American Cancer Society, the lifetime probability of developing cancer for Men is at 1 in 2, while that of Women is 1 in 3. Besides cancer, there are also many other illnesses happening in the people around us. Once upon a time unheard but now getting more common are diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, osteoarthiritis, eczema, psoriasis, hyper and hypo-thyroidism, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s disease and the list goes on.

Our health is our asset. Taking Robert Kiyosaki’s definition of an asset – it is something you acquire that puts money into your pocket. Just imagine, even if we have all the knowledge in the world, once our memory gets eroded by a disease like Parkinson’s, isn’t it all in vain? Once we can secure our health, we will then be able to generate income – which also means money gets put into your pocket.

Let’s liken our health to a bank account. Every day, we withdraw health currency in the form of energy and vitality. In turn, this energy and vitality is converted to the money we earn day to day. This money is then used to pay for our house, our car, our investments. As time passes, our health bank account starts to deplete. If we withdraw faster (ie. By working long hours, exposing to more allergens, eating recklessly), our account will also deplete faster. As such, wouldn’t it be wise to invest some money back into our health bank account, into maintaining our body (better than a Lamborghini!). This will then allow us to continue to earn money. It will also allow us to have the vitality to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

I hope this article has given you another perspective towards our health. It is of extreme importance that we safeguard our health as it is not something that money can purchase back. Prevention is better, and most times cheaper, than cure. We do not need to wait until something happens before we take action.

Finally, I would wish everyone great health and dreams come true!

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