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How can we get the nutrients from all these vegetables in a convenient form daily? This means no need to soak, clean, wash and cut them at all!


They can be easily found in Vegecolour. All the vegetables are freeze-dried, powdered down and packed in a convenient sachet for us to bring around. This is so that we can have all these nutrients from anywhere!


This is me enjoying my fish soup noodle with 28 different types of vegetables in it!

In the food courts in Singapore these days, when we request to add 1 type of vegetable it is already $0.80 !!!

With Vegecolour, I can enjoy 28 types of vegetables, and it is not more than $2. Share that with a loved one and it is definitely more value for money than opting to add vegetables at a food court stall!

With the rising costs globally, we need to be looking out for the best value for our dollar to ensure we maximize it. As Warren Buffet always says, “Price is what you pay, value is what you get”. It is not necessarily the cheapest things that always give the best value.

To get hold of a box of Vegecolour, please feel free to contact me at +65 8499 8618.


+65 84998618

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