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After the sessions with Dr Chen on saturday, we quickly headed home to pack up for our trip to Bangkok with my 2 year old boy. We were heading off the very next day for our first overseas trip with no family help at all. In fact, I would be having a whole bunch of time with him during the day when my hubby was out at work. Indeed, it was a challenge for me to entertain him for entire day. Exciting!

I knew I had to be prepared, both mentally and physically. Even more so when more and more news of the Zika virus spreading around in Bangkok are published. So what was in my stash of superfoods?

The Staples


Oxyginberry and Orchestra are my staples on a usual day basis. When I’m out of town, they’re all the more important! Why so?

Even though the flight was only around 2 hours, I  could already feel my skin drying up from the additional radiation being so much closer to the sun and the extremely dry air in the plane. Oxyginberry is jam-packed of antioxidants and phytochemicals in the form of wholesome foods like ginseng berry, grapeseeds, rose, cactus etc.They help to combat the free radical damage on my skin from the additional radiation. At the same time, oxyginberry helps to stimulate production of collagen in my body, helping to keep my skin moist! Read more about Oxyginberry here.

Orchestra is great for improving liver function, especially with the yummy (and oily) food in Thailand. At the same time, Kumasaza leaves in Orchestra aids digestion and clearing out of toxins, and helps in relief food poisoning. The Ashitaba in Orchestra helps with anti-allergies which is important on the move.

The Enhancements


Isn’t it common that when we travel overseas we tend to get more prone to catching viruses and bacterial infections? This is because the new environment brings about new viruses which we may not have encountered as yet. Hence, we wouldn’t have the immunity for it. To add to the list of such viruses is the recent news on Zika spreading in Bangkok as well.

In the fight against viruses, Nutriact is one of our most handy choices. It contains 4 different types of mushrooms, and a variety of polysaccharides to nourish our natural killer (NK) cells. Our NK cells act as snipers among our immune system army and heads off to shoot down viruses with absolute accuracy! Read more about Nutriact here.

After having lot of good and yummy fried food, is it common that we get hit by a nasty sore throat? Millenium would be good for its anti-inflammatory effect, clearing out sore throats quickly. Also, it helps in nourishing our immune system, allowing it to have improved repair function. With this, any cuts or wounds can get healed quicker. Read more about Millennium here.

Apart from our annual haze season, I’d say that Singapore’s air is still more clean compared to the heavy traffic air quality of Bangkok city. Hence, a few packs of Triflora would come in handy on this trip. It’s fragrant jasmine taste make drinking water irresistable for me. More water and more nutrients from the green tea, ginseng and chrysanthemum in Triflora helps me ward off the effects of the traffic smog much better.


On our flight back to Singapore.

It was definitely an enjoyable trip for all of us with no hiccups along the way. 🙂

In my next post, I will be sharing about what’s in my toiletries pouch during this trip. You can find it here!


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