Natural Sleep – why does it elude so many today?

Sleep – why does it elude so many today?

The other day when I was looking through the local news as usual, this article caught my eye. In the last couple of months alone, I have heard from at least two to three friends about their experience with insomnia. This article indeed impressed upon me how widespread the problem of insomnia was. People were …

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E.Excel What is Freeze-drying?

What is Freeze-drying?

The very first time I came to know about freeze-drying was in my under graduate years. One of my classmates did his final year project on freeze-drying of jackfruits and durian. At that time, I knew it as a drying process which takes a long long time. However, the fruits could be kept fresh without …

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food safety Are all Natural Foods safe?

Are all Natural Foods safe?

Does “natural” or “herbal” definitely mean safe for our daily consumption? In fact, no. Not all Natural Foods are safe. In the naturally occurring world of flora and fauna, there are many many different types of plants. Some are Poisons to us For example, the amanita mushrooms. It can be fatal if we eat them. …

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e.excel millenium The Amazing Cactus

The Amazing Cactus

Why is cactus so amazing? Phytochemicals, they “can take tumours and defuse them“. They can “turn off the proliferative process of cancer“. “Cancer is a multistep procedure and takes many varied processes to become malignant”. With more different types of phytochemicals, our body will be more equipped to address all these varied processes. While… An …

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Natural Why is Wholesome the Wiser Choice for us?

Why is Wholesome the Wiser Choice for us?

Singapore, and many other cities similarly, beats to an extremely fast pace, with many families having both parents working to bring in an income to support the lifestyle in this country. With that, how many are able to slow down and take a closer look at what they are consuming daily? Due to the rush …

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Natural What is Nutritional Immunology?

What is Nutritional Immunology?

Nutritional Immunology, or NI, is the science of studying the link between plant foods and our immune system. What organs do our Immune System consist of? Everyone of us is born to this world bringing with us our best doctor — our immune system. It is made up of several organs in our body, such …

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