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Does “natural” or “herbal” definitely mean safe for our daily consumption? In fact, no. Not all Natural Foods are safe.

In the naturally occurring world of flora and fauna, there are many many different types of plants.

Some are Poisons to us

For example, the amanita mushrooms. It can be fatal if we eat them.


Some are Similar in Nature to Western Medicines

For example, the white willow tree bark which is used in traditional chinese medicine. It has the same active ingredient as aspirin, only in much lower concentration. Taking these in the long run would bring about side effects. Some common side effects of aspirin are heartburn, epigastric distress, dyspepsia, and nausea.

You will find more details about other risky natural foods in the screenshots which follows.



Some are available for Our Every Day Food choices

They are free from any side effects or safety concerns. For example, foods like american ginseng, grapeseed, cactus, rose, seaweed. They can be taken daily for our regular nourishment.



How would we know which is which?

We need an organization which has years of experience in researching into wholesome plant foods. Only with a sound solid background in research, can we then understand the plant foods better. This has been done in Nutritional Immunology to understand which are the best nutrients for our immune system. You can read more here on how superfoods are selected in Nutritional Immunology, backed by 30 years of history in research.

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