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I know it sounds almost impossible when we do a reality check. In our world today, the global life expectancy stands at 71.4 years, as published by the World Health Organization in the year 2015. So why do I say that we are all made to live till at least 120 years old? Let me explain.

Why do I say we are Made to Live till at least 120?


Today, when all of us are born to this world, we bring with us our very own best doctor — our IMMUNE SYSTEM. It acts like our very own army, carrying out its three main tasks daily: defense, cleanse and repair. Our immune system is made up of many organs. One important immune system organ is our Thymus.

immune system

Our thymus acts as the training ground for our T-cells. After training, these mature T-cells will circulate in our body. Mature T-cells are responsible for storing the memories of past infections by foreign invaders like bacteria, virus or fungi. However, our thymus will slowly shrink after we pass puberty. It is projected to have fully disappeared when we reach 120 years old.


In essence, what this means is that we can continue to accumulate memories of pathogens up till around 120 years old. After that, whatever accumulated immune system memories would still be able to last us several years. Not to mention that some of our immune cells are also able to fight off pathogens without previous memory.

Are there Real People who have Lived past 100?

According to a U.S Census Bureau report released in 2014, there are approximately 55,000 people in the U.S. who are past 100. Based on the Guinness World Records, the oldest person ever lived is Jeanne Louise Calment who lived a total of 122 years and 164 days.

Hence, we are indeed made to live till at least 120 years old. It is not just wishful thinking. It is definitely possible.

What is the Key?

In order to live a meaningful life, it has to be long and full of quality. In other words, it would be a one in which we have the freedom of health. The freedom of health that allows us to do anything, go anywhere we want to, living out our potential. The key to having such a life is in disease prevention.

live till at least 120

Disease prevention can be achieved by a Nutritional Immunology lifestyle. You can read more about it here.

There are four aspects of a Nutritional Immunology lifestyle: Nutrition, Sleep, Positive Emotions and Exercise. In particular, nutrition is one aspect that can be challenging to handle depending on the resources we have access to. In addition, we would also need the right knowledge to implement it correctly.

Stay with us for more sharing on convenient solutions for us to get great nutrients.


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