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Eczema seems to be very common these days among children. During the days when I attended school, I would always feel sad for any classmates who had eczema since it really looked uncomfortable.  

As neither I nor my hubby had a history of eczema, naturally I expected my son to be eczema-free. Never did it expect to have to face the reality of the discomfort on my son when it hit. 🙁

josh eczema before
What a heartache! 🙁

This what how it looked like on 4th June 2015 when I first had the opportunity to snap a picture. 

I had brought him to the paediatric specialist 1 month ago, and he was prescribed a steroid cream and I was advised to change his bath wash and apply lotion for him. The specialist mentioned that if his condition didn’t improve, I would need to bring him back for a prescription of a stronger steroid cream. 


I was apprehensive about the steroid cream and indeed, my baby’s skin looked even more translucent after just 2-3 days of thin application. It looked like any light scratch would create an open wound. Hence, I stopped applying the cream after 3 days.

In the interim, I searched online for other solutions and some friends suggested using probiotics. Without full understanding on how it works, I tried probiotics for a while, but it did not yield much results, the extremely red patch was still there.

At this point on 4th June, I decided that I would give nutritional immunology a shot at helping my son recover from this skin condition. 

Josh eczema 1 mth
Nutritional Immunology returned my son his healthy skin!

Around 3 weeks later on 21st June, I took another picture of his condition and it was indeed much better to my delight! Although not all the rash had disappeared, it had cleared up at least 90%!!

So what actions did I take with the knowledge from nutritional immunology?

2016-02-25 10.19.10


1) Every morning, I would feed my son Oxyginberry mixed into his Nutrifresh. With the additional antioxidants and phytochemicals, his immune system would get nourished and the overactivity would be calmed down.

2016-02-25 10.16.052) I would apply for him the Elemente Baby Lotion. Infused with oxyginberry complex, the antioxidants and phytochemicals can be delivered directly to his skin. 
Also, it had such a great smell and was not sticky at all after application. He liked it so much that he would crawl over for me to apply the lotion on him!

My son has fully recovered in just 2 months. This video was taken on 29th July with no sign of eczema at all.  It is heart warming to see him well and able to enjoy himself again. I am thankful for the science of nutritional immunology that has helped my son to recover. 

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