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Before nutritional immunology came into my life, I used to think that there was no problem at all with my health. That there is no need for any changes to my lifestyle.

Granted, I do know there are some things which aren’t good…like I wasn’t a big fan of exercising, and I wasn’t drinking sufficient water. However, I thought they were small issues and wouldn’t have any impact on my health. Little did I know that it wasn’t true at all. Every habit would create an outcome in the future, if accumulated over time, it could be very serious.


One example I can give is that of constipation. I personally encountered this as well. I used to have chronic constipation due to insufficient water and dietary fibre intake. That would end with an extremely severe stomachache, huge difficulty in clearing out my bowels and a sore butt. I didn’t think very much of it at that point in time, believing that once my bowels were cleared it is the resolution of the issue.

Little did I know that chronic constipation leads to haemorrhoids, which in turn leads to colon cancer. ??

Red, sore butt was a norm for me after each episode of constipation. Just like this baboon as a visual impression of how it felt like.

I believe you have received my earlier post on what is the best lifestyle for our immune system.  Here, I’d share a little about my lifestyle before I came to know about nutritional immunology. modern lifestyle

Exposure to Free-Radical Damage

With 2 mobile phones and sitting in front of the computer screen for 8hrs a day, I believe it’s not an unusual phenomena for the average working class. However, these are the exact sources of radiation, that is causing free radical damage in our body.

Who can escape the annual haze in Singapore? Nevertheless, I’m sure in other parts of the world, people too struggle with other forms of air pollution.

This results in PREMATURE AGING.

modern lifestyle - free radical

Premature aging means we’re aging faster than we should. When we age prematurely, our cells produce less and less collagen. Is collagen merely something which affects our skin? Find our more at this post.

We will continue to look at our modern lifestyle together in greater detail in the next post. Stay tuned!


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