e.excel millenium More on Advanced Processing techniques – case study on Cactus

More on Advanced Processing techniques – case study on Cactus

Recently, one of my friends asked me: If cactus is a superfood, why isn’t cactus or cactus juice being sold in supermarkets? Indeed, this is a very very good question! In fact, her question came very timely. It came just as I was just starting on this series talking more about advanced processing techniques used …

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food processing What is Spray-drying?

What is Spray-drying?

Plant foods occurring in nature come in all shapes, sizes, taste and colour. Also, they come with a different set of nutrients and anti-nutrients. As such, different plants would require different type of processing methods. One example is soy. Soy contains trypsin-inhibitors which affects digestion of proteins. During the concentration process, a certain temperature is …

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E.Excel What is Freeze-drying?

What is Freeze-drying?

The very first time I came to know about freeze-drying was in my under graduate years. One of my classmates did his final year project on freeze-drying of jackfruits and durian. At that time, I knew it as a drying process which takes a long long time. However, the fruits could be kept fresh without …

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