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Beta-carotene is a nutrient found in orange or red vegetables such as carrots. It is a good antioxidant and brings benefits to our body if taken in wholesome form of fruits and vegetables.


This is a study conducted to investigate the effect of beta-carotene supplementation (in isolated form) on cancer risk.

The following are the main conclusions:

“Beta-carotene supplementation has not been shown to have any beneficial effect on cancer prevention.

“Conversely, it was associated with increased risk of not only lung cancer but also of gastric cancer

“Nutritional prevention of cancer through beta-carotene supplementation should not be recommended.”

Why would a nutrient become a poison when it is in an isolated form?

When beta-carotene is found in our wholesome fruits and vegetables, there are other nutrients there as well that work hand-in-hand with beta carotene to give a good and healthy outcome for our body!

 It is critical that we go back to basics and opt for wholesome plant superfoods for our important nutrients!

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