Hi, my name is Janice Yap, creator of ebook 7 Health Myths Demolished.

janiceMy Background

Before I begin, let me share a little bit about myself. I graduated from the National University of Singapore with 1st Class Honours in Chemical and Biomolecular engineering. In my early days in the work force, I joined one of the big corporate multinational. Fast forward to today, I am today a Nutritional Immunology health consultant, and a mother of 1 lovely son.

darling boy
my son, on day 1! 🙂

First Encounter with Nutritional Immunology

My first encounter with Nutritional Immunology was when I was preparing for pregnancy. As carrying and growing a baby is very demanding on a mother’s body, nutrition is critical before and during the pregnancy. During then, my hubby urged me to take supplements. Trained as a chemical engineer, I inherently was not keen on such supplements. So, when my hubby passes it to me, I take. Otherwise, I don’t. This continued till we met a friend at a seminar, who introduced this freeze dried wholesome food to us. At that point in time, I was just taking it to prepare for pregnancy.

Freeze Dried fruits and veg, can you tell what they are?

After I gave birth to my baby boy, I also stopped taking the freeze-dried wholesome foods because I didn’t understand the concept of nutritional immunology as yet and the value of prevention. After I went back to work, I started to fall sick very easily. It was as bad as a fever every 2 weeks, 3-4 days mc. To add oil to the fire, when I got sick, the virus would spread within the household. Soon, even my parents in laws, brother in laws and my hubby would take turn to fall sick after me. That took quite a toll on the family as we also had to cope with a young child.

me during my pregnancy, in the pink of health

For me, I found it surprising, as I never even fell sick once during my whole pregnancy, even though pregnant ladies are expected to have weaker immune systems. I started comparing my lifestyle before pregnancy vs then just back to work and made a decision to start on nutritional immunology foods again. Surprisingly, after 1-2 months, I noticed that I was no longer getting sick that often. Even when I fell ill, I would be able to bounce back within 1 day.

Understanding Nutritional Immunology more…

This sparked my interest in understanding more and more about the science of Nutritional Immunology as it could have great benefit to many people who are struggling with day to day health issues. From there, I learnt that these foods are not only formulated on the basis of Nutritional Immunology. At the same time, they are also subjected to the highest testing standards, 2000 different tests on each batch carried out including heavy metals, pesticides, microbial content and the list goes on.

We have Benefitted so much…

After adopting the science of Nutritional Immunology into our lives, my family has benefitted greatly from this science. There is no longer virus running free in our household.


My son enjoys better health and is able to be free from medicines ever since I have learnt about nutritional immunology.

He is able to attend school without falling sick frequently. Even when his classmate is having a flu or cough, he is more resilient to it. Either getting a milder version, or escape catching it altogether.

Overall, I observe that he no longer has vomiting episodes, and his bowel movements are good – we’ve never encountered him having constipation nor diarrhea.

Nutritional Immunology also has helped him to recover from an episode of serious eczema in just less than 1 month.


Before Nutritional Immunology, my MIL was taking glucosamine for her joints. However, her mobility was very impacted by her joint pain. She even had to struggle walking down steps. There was a point in time, she would always look for lifts wherever she went.

With the help of Nutritional Immunology, we saw her gradual improvement. Initially, she managed to start walking down steps without feeling pain. Then, she was able to walk much faster compared to in the past. Today, we are able to take a trip as a family to Langkawi and she could navigate the bat caves without any issues!


Many of my friends and family have regained their health and beauty and learnt to be wiser consumers as well.

My Mission

So here am I, my mission is to share with you and as many people as possible on the healthier way of life so that we can enjoy a quality lifestyle and stay away from diseases. Join me, as I guide you on this journey in Nutritional Immunology and share more about some health misconceptions.

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